24th Annual Conference: Environmental sustainability: Food and Water security

The Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists in conjunction with the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Umuagwo and Imo State University, Owerri is pleased to announce the 2024 Annual conference with the theme “Environmental sustainability: Food and Water security” to be held between 14th and 18th October, 2024 at the Department of Agricultural Economics. The conference would be a gathering of professionals in the agricultural sector to examine how to bring about sustainable food systems and supply to ensure food security at the household as well as national and sub-national levels. There is need to critically evaluate the how we interact with the environment and how to ensure that the environment benefits are sustained to continuously support food and water security. It will also be an avenue to evaluate policies and programmes for environmental sustainability. All these are expected to have positive impact on income, poverty reduction and food security.

The sub-themes include:

a. Food Security in relation to Environmental Sustainability

i. Land use and agricultural practices for sustainable food production
ii. Biodiversity conservation and its role in ensuring food security
iii. Food waste management and reduction strategies
iv. Sustainable aquaculture and fisheries management
v. Sustainable food systems and supply chains
vi. Urban agriculture and its contribution to food security
vii. Soil health and nutrient management for sustainable food production
viii. Integrated pest management and sustainable crop protection
ix. Small-scale farming and local food production for food security
x. Gender and cultural dimensions in food security
xi. Food prices and policy responses
xii. Public-private partnerships in the attainment of food security.

b. Water Security in relation to Environmental Sustainability
i. Water Management Strategies for Food Security
ii. Sustainable Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting Techniques
iii. Innovative Approaches to Enhancing Water Efficiency in Agriculture
iv. Rainwater Harvesting and Storage
v. Drought Resilience and Adaptation
vi. Pollution Reduction from Agricultural Practices
vii. Climate Change and Agricultural Water Systems
viii. Integrated Water Resource Management
ix. Desalination and Wastewater Treatment for Agriculture
x. Biotechnologies for Water Stress Resilience.

c. Cross-cutting Issues
i. Climate Change Impact on Food and Water Resources
ii. Innovative Technologies for Water and Food Security
iii. Policy and Governance for Ensuring Food and Water Security
iv. Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Sustainable Agriculture
v. Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Synergies and Trade-offs in Sustainable Resource Management
vi. Precision Agriculture
vii. Gender and cultural dimensions.

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